The institution provides a natural and secure abode to blossoming children, providing a homely care to each individual.

The hostels are located in the Residential Campus of the school. The Complex has well-maintained lush green gardens and is surrounded by concrete walls. Round-the-clock security ensures a safe haven for the students.

The hostel facility at present is available exclusively for boys from class V to X. The students are placed in dormitories in accordance of their age. They follow a prescribed schedule which is strictly adhered to in order to bring about discipline in their routine and create a healthy routine for a lifetime. It starts with the physical exercises in the morning and ends with evening sports and religious and moral coaching.

Accommodation for chief warden. Warden, medical attendant and Emergency Staff is also provided close to children’s hostel. This results in a homely atmosphere across the complex and a secure and reassuring environment for children.


Keeping in view the time schedule of the day boarding and boarding schooling process, it is the most essential role of the school to provide nutritive food having high calories, taste and good mineral values for the growing children to make them sharp, sound and energetic.

  • Students are  trained for dining manners, eating habits & hygienic attitudes.
  • The dining system and the well scheduled menu is chosen to curtail the choosy eating habits of the children.
  • Green vegetables, fresh seasonal fruits, appetizing salads, soups and well balanced highly nutritive, having proper mineral and calorie value pure vegetarian food is served as per the advice of expert dieticians under the supervision and check of a qualified doctor.
  • The food is cooked under most hygienic conditions and is  served to children in a very systematic manner in neat and clean dishes.


Cow’s milk is often described as nature’s most wholesome food.  To build the robust and healthy bodies of children, highly nutritive cow milk is served to children. The institution has its own cattle shed in which high yielding breeds of cows are kept under the supervision of expert veterinary doctors.


There is a plan to introduce horse riding, shooting, swimming, and gymnastics, children band group and many more other activities. For this ultra modern facility of international level would be provided to students for making them prepare for national and international events.

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